IRC.Rizon.Net #Hypnochan Code of Conduct


                General Rules:

·         Due to the sexual nature of the website this channel is associated with and the content the channel is privy to, the age restriction for this channel is EIGHTEEN years of age or over.

·         Be polite and courteous to others.  This includes avoiding potentially bad topics such as racism, religion, and political views.  Respect the views of one another, or just choose to respectfully disagree.

·         This channel is home to a number of people from different nationalities, backgrounds, creeds, and beliefs.  It is also home to a number of people of different sexual and gender orientations.  Be mindful of this when talking to someone.  If you have a question about them, ask them rather than assume!

·         If you do end up disagreeing with someone, be polite about it.  If you have to, take the conversation to a private message or a private channel.  Do not air someone one another's dirty laundry.  It stinks.

·         Private messaging someone for fun and friskiness can be an awesome adventure.  Private messaging someone and being turned down?  Not so much.  That said, if you message someone for sexual purposes, be honest and open about your desires.  If they tell you no, be respectful of their decision and move on.

·         Be mindful that aside from the big three no-no topics, there are topics of conversation that may not be kosher with everyone in the room.  If someone speaks up against the topic of conversation that is at hand, respect their feelings and move it to a private message or another channel.

·         Keep in mind that there are pictures and articles that are linked at all hours of the day and you are not forced to open these up. If you are linking something, please try to give a warning if what you are linking is not suitable for work (NSFW) or sexually explicit.

·         Pictures of lolicon/shotacon are permitted, but warnings as to the contents should be provided with the links. Pictures with similarly cutesy art styles where age is left open to interpretation are fine, but realistic or "Western-style" depictions not permitted. ANY form of content which explicitly refers to its characters as being underage is explicitly banned.

·         Be aware that not all links that are posted will be suitable for work.  If you are connecting to the channel from a place that may take offense to these, keep this in mind. 



                Hypnosis and Fetish-related Rules:

·         Discussion and discourse about hypnosis and hypno-fetishism is awesome, but please be aware of other people's kinks and feelings while doing so. 

·         Do not use triggers in the main channel—some people have the same triggers as others and they may not want you to trigger them.

·         If you decide to have a public trance session, a group trance, or a massive sexy funtime roleplay, you are more than welcome to!  Just go to #hypnochanRP to do so—contrary to the name, it's not just for roleplay.

·         Do not insult someone for their choice in fetishes or sexual kinks.  Everyone is wired differently and not everyone likes what you do, even if it is the hottest thing evar.

·         Do not try to force your fetishes on others.

·         If you decide to approach someone for a trance session, talk to them about it first.  Negotiate the boundaries of the scene and make sure that everyone is comfortable before going through with it.  It'll save so much hassle later on.

o   If someone ends a session with you, be it trance or role-play, because they are not comfortable, then do NOT try to continue it.  Talk to them about it and find out what went wrong before even thinking about that.




Consequences suck, but they are a necessary thing.  Depending on the rules that you break, you may be subject to any or all of the following:

If it is conversational related (i.e., inappropriate conversation, argument, etc.):

·         A first warning, be it public or private, from anyone who is a Half-OP or higher.

·         A second warning, again either public or private, at the OP's discretion.

·         Being kicked from the channel.  If it continues past that point, it'll be up to the OP's discretion what happens next.


If it is harassment related (i.e., messaging someone and not taking “no” for an answer):

·         One private warning from an OP upon notification that the harassment is taking place and a referral to the Code of Conduct (this thingie right here).

·         A kick from the channel if it continues past the warning.

·         A kick plus a ban if it has to go that far.


Public quips of racism, bigotry, or unnecessary hatred can result in an automatic kick from the channel.


Please keep in mind that all these consequences are only guidelines, not necessarily set in stone as the correct course of action.  Any issue that arises will be dealt with on a case by case basis and responded to accordingly.  Some cases are worse than others and can result in an automatic ban.  This will more than likely not happen unless it is something serious.



If you have any questions or concerns, please contact any member of the OP team in #Hypnochan.